Monday, January 23, 2012

Important FFRend bug fix; testers needed please!

The last released version of FFRend ( had a bug that caused the entire desktop to flicker whenever a row view was updated. Since just about every command updates one or more row views, the desktop flickered like crazy. You'd think I would have noticed it during testing but I normally run FFRend full-screen. I'm pretty embarrassed about it. Anyway please take the latest version, which fixes this lame bug and some others too.

FFRend download

I would greatly appreciate it if any FFRend users who hang out here would take the new version out for a spin and report back if they see anything weird. I'm especially worried about the row view code, because that's what caused the desktop flicker bug in the first place. The Freeframe Parameter and MIDI Setup row views are now supposed to remember the scroll position separately for each plugin. Try switching back and forth between a plugin that's scrolled and one that isn't. Do you see any painting artifacts, or does the view paint smoothly?

This version also fixes a bunch of problems related to synchronization of oscillators between plugins, which crept in with V2 as side effects of parallel processing. The earlier versions of V2 would lose sync between plugins at the drop of a hat. It should be a lot better now. The problem was basically that in a pipeline each plugin has its own frame of reference in terms of time, so it's necessary to compensate for that in various places. To debug it I had to make a pair of special Freeframe plugins, one that stamps its parameter directly onto the frame as a number, and another that draws its parameter onto the frame as a waveform, like an oscilloscope. They're pretty handy actually. I can make them available if anyone wants them...

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