Tuesday, December 27, 2011

FFRend adds playlist feature: handy for installations

The latest version of FFRend (2.2.01) introduces a playlist, better integrates the load-balancing feature, improves memory management, and fixes a number of bugs.

FFRend can now automatically open a series of projects, also known as a playlist. This feature is primarily intended to allow unattended use of FFRend, e.g. in an installation or gallery setting, though it's also helpful for VJs who need a break during a show. The user specifies the list of projects, the interval between project changes, whether the list should be played in sequential or random order, and whether it should loop. The playlist can be passed via the command line, in which case FFRend starts up with the playlist playing. This is particularly useful in combination with the new /fullscreen command-line option, which causes FFRend to start up full-screen on whichever monitor contains the output window.

The Load Balance feature was converted from a modal dialog to a control bar, allowing load to be monitored continuously during normal operation. The command is now View/Load Balance instead of Edit/Load Balance.

FFRend's handling of low memory conditions was improved, and advanced options were added which allow memory use to be limited in various ways. This can be helpful when working with large frame sizes.


Release Notes:

FFRend (Freeframe Renderer) is a free, open-source renderer for Freeframe V1 plugins. It allows you to chain any number of plugins together in any type of routing, automate their parameters using oscillators, and display the output full-screen and/or record it to a file. FFRend has a modular interface, includes MIDI and dual-monitor support, supports plugin authoring via metaplugins, and leverages multicore CPUs by running each plugin in its own thread.

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