Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fauve colorizing plugin released

Good news everyone! The FFRend project has released an exciting new Freeframe plugin that colorizes video in the style of Fauvism! Some still images demonstrating its effect are shown below.

The second example is taken from this short (15 second) demo clip.

The Fauve plugin is packaged in ckffplugs-1.0.13, available for download here:
(Freeframe Plugins, Binary Release)
And for those who care about such things the source is there also.

The plugin is a visualization of a histogram but using pseudocolor instead of the customary graph. Pixels are colored according to the popularity of their original colors in the input image, such that more common input colors translate to brighter output colors. The effect enhances edges, adds texture, simplifies and drastically alters the palette, and reduces spatial cohesion. In Luma mode, the plugin:

1. Calculates the frame's luma histogram.
2. Replaces each pixel with a greyscale value corresponding to that pixel's rank in the luma histogram. The histogram is normalized so that pixels in the top rank are assigned white in the output, while pixels in lower ranks receive proportionally darker values.

RGB mode is similar, but does the above operations separately for each color channel, resulting in color output instead of greyscale.
can read about it how it works.

No doubt André Derain is rolling in his grave...

André Derain, The Houses of Parliament (1906)

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