Monday, November 06, 2006

PlayerFF: freeframe clip player

I got my standalone freeframe clip player up last night. It's called PlayerFF (OK maybe it needs a better name). It handles AVI/BMP/JPG/GIF, and has three parameters so far:

Clip Select (which clip you're playing)
Pause (0 is play, any other value is pause)
Position (0 is the start of the clip, 1 is the end)

The clips are hard-coded at the moment. :(

Here's what I propose for clip management. The plugin should have both a "Clip Select" and a "Bank Select" parameter. It will look in the magical folder "\My Documents\PlayerFF". Any clips it finds there will wind up in bank zero, UNLESS the magical folder contains an optional playlist file. The playlist file must be called playlist.txt, and it contains the paths of the clips to load, one per line, with optional bank separators. Clips are loaded in the order they appear in the playlist, or if there's no playlist, in alphabetical order.

C:\temp\avi files\Night Traffic.avi
C:\temp\avi files\earth1.avi
C:\temp\avi files\Boat Ride to Punta Sal (xvid).avi
C:\temp\avi files\01_24_04-med.avi
C:\temp\avi files\tint.avi
C:\temp\avi files\kissinggirls.avi

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