Thursday, November 09, 2006

Synchronizing automations to clip length

The manual method is pretty straightforward, though it does require a calculator. Take FFRend's ideal frame rate (NOT the video clip's frame rate, that doesn't matter), and divide it by the video clip's frame count. Now multiply the result by 100. Enter that number in the Master speed toolbar, and you're all set, though you might also want to pause, rewind the clip, and sync the oscillators.

This scheme redefines the frequency unit, from Hertz to clip passes. A frequency of 1 will repeat once per clip pass, 2 will repeat twice per clip pass, .5 will repeat every other clip pass, etc.

The X 100 accounts for the fact that master speed is a percentage.

For example, if the clip is 1859 frames long, and it's playing at 25 FPS:

Master Speed = 25 / 1859 * 100 = 1.3448

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