Monday, November 06, 2006

plugin and project info can have different parameter counts

I just found a neat bug. I added some parameters to my new PlayerFF plugin, and when I loaded up a FFRend project that uses it, there was garbage in the modulation settings for the new parameters.

It turns out I was assuming that the plugin's number of parameters, and the number of parameters I have information about in the project file, are always the same. That's normally the case of course, but a new version of the plugin with more (or less) parameters violates that assumption. Oops.

And the solution:

// the plugin's number of parameters might not match our info's parameter count,
// for example if it's a different version of the plugin; take whichever is less
int rows = min(GetPluginRows(PlugIdx), Info.m_Parm.GetSize());

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