Thursday, April 05, 2012

FFRend 2.2.03: Monitor source is back!

FFRend 2.2.03 is available for download. It brings back monitor source selection, a nice feature that was lost in the V2 rewrite. It also fixes some bugs.

Monitor source selection allows the monitor bar to display the output of any plugin, not just the one connected to the renderer. This was difficult to implement in V2 due to multithreading complications, so it was omitted, until now. To change the monitor source, use Plugin/Monitor (F8), the plugin context menu, or the monitor bar's context menu.

Bug fixes include a stall that occurred when stopping a recording if the final plugin had multiple threads assigned to it, and UI jerkiness when a menu was displayed while an edit control had focus.

Also, due to an embarrassing oversight, the check for updates feature introduced in 2.2.02 fails to find its installer script. 2.2.03 fixes this, or if you prefer, there's a patch available here

Please download the latest version. Here are the release notes.

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