Wednesday, April 25, 2012

intermittent bogus frames during continuous single stepping

The issue is that CreatePauseFrame accesses a frame (m_CurFrame) which the renderer no longer owns. CreatePauseFrame accesses it indirectly via m_BackBuf, which uses the surface description m_SurfDesc, the lpSurface member of which points to the frame, having been set to m_CurFrame by the Render method. However m_CurFrame is ONLY guaranteed to be valid in Render, i.e. during the period between reading the input frame and and writing it to either the monitor or the free queue. The moment the current frame's reference count reaches zero, it no longer belongs to the renderer and can be overwritten by another thread at any time. In theory the issue could occur whenever the app pauses, but the odds are low. Continuous single stepping greatly increases the odds, by calling CreatePauseFrame in a tight loop.

It sounds scary but it's probably only a nuisance: so long as m_CurFrame still points to valid memory, the worst that can happen is an occasional bogus frame on the monitor.

If single step doesn't disable monitoring, the behavior becomes less likely, because in this case the frame is probably queued to the monitor window. The monitor window's timer hook is responsible for dequeuing and disposing of the frame, but it runs in the main thread, so it can't decrement the frame's reference count to zero while we're in SingleStep, because the main thread can't be in two places at once.

The fact that the engine stops the renderer after the plugins doesn't save us, because it doesn't guarantee that the renderer will render another frame between the time that some plugin munges the renderer's current frame just before stopping, and when the renderer worker thread stops.

A possible solution would be to change engine's Pause to do the following:

1. stop the renderer
2. wait for the render queue to contain a frame
3. pause the engine, stopping all plugin workers
4. single step the renderer, processing the queued frame
5. create the pause frame from the renderer's current frame

By the time you create the pause frame, all plugins were stopped BEFORE the final frame was rendered, so there's no one left alive to munge the current frame.

Note however that this solution breaks the normal single step, causing it to always step two frames instead of one.

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