Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In the works: column resizing, previews, non-AVI clips

The next version (2.2.04) is almost ready, and introduces a long-overdue feature: resizable columns in all views. It's only UI candy, but it's expected behavior and fairly low-risk. The next version also fixes a fairly serious bug which was accidentally introduced in 2.2.01: the MIDI Setup view's Plugin page is always empty, and selecting its tab can cause the view to resize incorrectly, overwriting the droplist and Learn check box.

After that, I'm considering adding a Preview bar, for previewing the output of one or more plugins. This would mostly be useful for clip players and source plugins. The bar would behave similarly to the Monitor bar, except that it would allow multiple preview windows within the bar. All the previews would be the same same size, but the number of previews would be user-selectable, along with their layout (horizontal stack, vertical stack, or tiled). The advantage of giving previews their own bar (as opposed to adding them to the existing Monitor bar) is that this allows the Monitor and Preview bars to be positioned differently in the GUI. The Monitor bar typically mirrors the program's main output, so it wants to be bigger than the previews; it may even belong on its own display (this is possible if you have enough video outputs).

I'm also working on upgrading the clip player to use DirectShow instead of VfW, so it can open non-AVI clips directly without needing AVISynth. This is a riskier proposition but it would make FFRend more user-friendly.

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